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The care and protection of works of art is, by definition, something not to be taken lightly. As the values of works by the young and edgy artists of the 70’s and 80’s has skyrocketed, we frequently find ourselves handling works that are inherently unstable yet very valuable. Add to this the current penchant for large and unwieldy works and we are no longer dealing with a straightforward oil on canvas in a gilt frame. Our handlers are conscientious and experienced.  Many of them are artists themselves. We continually stay abreast of current methods and materials and understand that art has become an investment vehicle as well as something to enjoy and collect.


Our staff are well experienced at installing works of art, complex custom furniture and sculpture.  These services can be provided as an adjunct to a delivery or a specific installation project for pieces already on site. We are available for site-surveys to ascertain the most appropriate install techniques and are happy to work with decorators and designers to get it just right.


Aiston Fine Art Services makes every effort to stay current with the most up to date packing methods and materials. We always select the most appropriate method and packing materials for the object, whether it be art, furniture, objects or sculpture, taking into account fragility, mode of transport and budget. We are conscious of our need to conserve and recycle and are currently examining ways of reducing our reliance on oil-based foam products.






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