A stable, clean, and controlled environment is key to art storage and that's exactly what Aiston can provide. Offering 25,000 square feet of climate controlled storage across three individual warehouses Aiston can  accommodate all art and design needs. Aiston has facilities that are both a short trip from the center of Manhattan and The Hamptons.  Under the  care of Aiston your art is never far. 

The most important aspect of proper art storage is climate. Aiston only offers climate controlled storage that is kept at a museum standard of 70 degrees fahrenheit and 50% humidity. Our climate control also extends to all of our trucks.





Aiston utilizes a digital inventory management system originally designed for gallery and auction house use; meaning our inventory control is the best of the best. Aiston can manage storage accounts from  as small as one or two works to up to entire gallery inventories. 

As collections grow, management becomes more and more crucial. This is where Aiston steps in. Combining our existing transport infrastructure and our inventory management systems, Aiston can manage collections and gallery stock without limits.