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In as much as we rely on our foreign art transport agents, we have for many years provided a reliable US partnership for several high-profile and well regarded international art transporters. This symbiotic relationship has been a large part of our growth, our learning and has helped raise the bar as regards the position we now find ourselves at within the industry. We owe a lot to these relationships and will always value them and give them the importance and focus they deserve. Knowing that we can have a work unpacked in Paris, crated in Hong Kong or installed in London or Amsterdam is an important and exciting part of what we do.


Prompt and accurate clearance of shipments through our ports is as important as the actual handling of objects.  Ensuring minimum time is spent at airline and cargo warehouses and ensuring that all current US Customs rules are adhered to means that shipments are exposed to the minimum of risk and guarantees that importers have satisfied all necessary requirements. U.S Customs has stated in the past that importing is “a privilege, not a right”, we work closely with U.S Customs to ensure accurate document processing and a speedy transit through busy ports to the safety of our warehouse.


Aiston Fine Arts Services understands the complexity of transporting fragile works of art to foreign destinations. We have many years of experience in negotiating competitive airfreight rates and choosing the most reliable routing. If needed we can provide security personnel to monitor the safety of a shipment whilst in the airline’s care and to witness loading onto the aircraft. In addition we work very closely with foreign agents at all our most popular destinations to ensure the shipment’s safe arrival.

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