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At Aiston Fine Art Services we understand that good, clean and discrete viewing facilities are an increasingly important link in the chain. Whether it be part of a business transaction, an inspection for valuation, an assessment for conservation or an opportunity to photograph works, the quality of a viewing space can be of paramount importance. We have invested in a space worthy of any Manhattan gallery, in which to securely and discretely view works in storage with us, or newly received by us for this express purpose.


We have invested in constructing purpose-built and well thought out viewing rooms. We consulted with art industry professionals so as to be able to provide a comfortable and private viewing experience. Our warehouse location is easily accessible, there is fast wi-fi and a separate entrance to facilitate a very professional space for our clients’ use.


Located a short drive from Manhattan and blocks from the 7 line subway, our viewing spaces offer convenience for both our clients and yours. 





Our rooms provide an excellent environment for examining paintings, furniture or sculpture for potential sale or conservation. The space boasts gallery-quality lighting and can be made totally dark for photography projects.

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